In case you didn't know it, the newest craze in "hair accessories" is feather extensions. I'm not talking about BIG feathers. Rather, small wisps of feathers. And females of all ages are buying into it. I have absolutely nothing against it. It's actually kinda cool, in my humble opinion. Those ladies around my age who I have seen sporting the new fad actually pull it off quite beautifully and tastefully. The placement is just right. They insert them in such a way that it can be displayed prominently when they want it to be or discreetly tucked beneath the hair when you don't want it to be as noticeable. Many hair salons are offering the service for about $30. If you'd like to do it yourself, you can do that too (check out the video). BUT as we head into a brand spanking new school year, the question becomes can students wear them at school? Our friends at KATC TV3 made some calls and this is what they discovered from the parishes in Acadiana.

The ultimate decision will be left up to the principal at each school.

Acadia, St. Landry, Jeff Davis and St. Mary Parishes say that, unless it is a distraction, students will not be penalized for wearing feathers in their hair.

Vermilion, Lafayette and Iberia Parishes will NOT allow feather extensions to be worn at school.

It is unknown at this time whether students in Evangeline and St. Martin Parishes will be allowed to wear the feather extensions.