Julius Caesar  had his "Ides of March". Most residents of these United States fear more the "Ides of April". If you're not up on your "Ides" terminology basically we are talking about the 15th of the month.

Caesar met his untimely demise on the 15th of March, most Americans have federal taxes to pay on the 15th April. The good news is you have until the 18th this year because of a Washington D.C. holiday.

Friday April 15th is Emancipation Day in our nation's capital and the hired hands we elected and all federal employees will take the day off. That means nobody can collect your tax returns on that day so you get until the following Monday to either file electronically or have your snail mail return postmarked.

By the way if you live in a parish that was affected by the recent high water and flooding you actually have even more time to file your return.  To find out specifically when your deadline is just visit the Internal Revenue Service website.

Most experts suggest you file your return electronically. Often the tax programs that are online can coach you through the forms. This makes it easier on most people. If you earned less that $62-thousand dollars this past year you are eligible for free electronic filing.

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