I just happened to be surfing YouTube over the weekend and stumbled across a piece of our past. It's a collection of commercials that aired on local TV station KATC from back in 1981.

The collection of commercials features a mix of national, regional, and locally produced spots. Plus there are some station promos and old school graphics that pale in comparison to today's high tech HD world of broadcast television.

I can only imagine how faithful viewers must have felt when they saw the great selection of Members Only items available at Brothers' on the Boulevard. Or, the incredible selection of fabulous menswear available at Abdallas. You could always find a great car at Acadian Toyota on Johnston Street and don't forget to finish your 1981 gift-giving list by stopping by Godchaux's.

It's always fun to look back, especially at this time of year. Hopefully, this video filled with memories has jogged your memory just a bit too. It should make for some lively conversation around the Christmas Tree on Wednesday if it did.

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