It was a day late but Daytona was certainly not a dollar short when it came to finally getting the cars on the track. I am sure the market guru's at NASCAR felt a big lump in their guts when the poster girl for the next generation of new fans went out in an early lap crash. That crash also basically ended Jimmie Johnson's chance at winning the 500 too.

Perhaps the one thing that most fans will be talking about this morning happened while the cars were supposed to be going slow. Juan Pablo Montoya hit the back of one of the Jet Dryer trucks creating a massive fireball. This red flagged, or basically put the race on hold, until the track could be cleaned.

Oh by the way Matt Kennseth beat Dale Earnhardt Jr by .21 of a second at the finish line. Let the season begin! See it's not just another left turn and another left turn, sometimes there are huge fireballs too!


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