There is an important new designation that you can choose to put on your driver's license now. There is finally an "Autism" indicator that can be put on your Louisiana driver's license. As someone who loves people with autism, I'm very happy to share this news.

People who are on the autism spectrum are some of the most incredible people in the world, but their beauty can sometimes be misunderstood by people who have never had experience with someone on the spectrum.

It's an easy process to have the indicator put on your state identification or driver's license. Click here to download the form, and visit the Office of Motor Vehicles to make your request. Anyone who has a diagnosis from a mental or other qualified medical professional is eligible for this program. The indicator will then appear right under your picture on your license or id card. If you decide at anytime that you don't want the indicator, you can also simply go to the OMV to get it removed. Applicable fees will be required whether you are adding or removing the indicator.

Here is one caveat that goes along with the Autism indicator:

A driver’s license with an Autism indicator cannot include the “Veteran,” “I’m a Cajun” or “100% DAV” indicators. The Autism indicator can only be combined with the “Needs Accommodation” indicator. If the driver’s license indicates “Autism,” but not “Needs Accommodation,” a puzzle piece symbol will appear on the license with the autism designation below the picture.

Driver's License
Photo courtesy of Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles

So if someone needs to also have on their license that "Needs Accommodation", that will be above the person's picture, and the "Autism" indicator will be below your face.

If you already have your license on LA Wallet, the app, you simply unlink the license by using the menu, and you add it back, and then you will see it on your driver's license.

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