It's another tragic chapter to the country song life that Trace Adkins has lived. You may recall Trace has been shot, run over by farm equipment and now had a house burn down. Trace was not at home when the blaze broke out, his children were.

 Thanks to a plan that the family had implemented and practiced, everyone was able to get out safely. Rhonda Adkins, Trace's wife, said thank God for a fire safety class at the children's school.

 Preliminary reports say the fire started in the garage and then spread quickly to rest of the house. The children were at home with a nanny and Rhonda Adkins was just a few blocks away when a neighbor phoned her about the blaze.

 This truly underscores the need for a fire safety plan in every home. It doesn't matter whether you're a country star or just regular folks, taking care of family is always important. Like we say around 97.3 The Dawg, you should always get a game plan.

***An update now from our friends at Taste of Country. Here's pictures from the blaze.