As storms rolled through Acadiana last Monday, May 17, many homes were destroyed by flooding in our state. For an Abbeville family, it was a fire that changed their world forever.

Avery Leleaux told our news partners at KATC, that he and his family lost their home on Lark Road last week while they were at the store.

Leleaux told the TV station that he is super relieved that they were not home at the time of the blaze. He also pointed out that he was grateful his family wasn't alone while he was at work. While they all made it out safe, they did lose one of their pets, a 13-week Husky-Shepard mix dog. Leleaux says he attempted to go into his house, but he was stopped by firefighters because they didn't want him to get hurt. Firefighters were able to save two other dogs, Sheba and Nico. According to Leleaux's Go Fund Me account page, the dogs are on antibiotics. They were rescued and firefighters were able to give them oxygen, but both dogs have issues. You can hear at least one of the pets having trouble with its breathing.

The young family man says he is thankful that they are alive, but everything they own is in their car. He says it was shopping to drive home from the store to see what they thoughts was "the whole fire department" in front of their home battling the fire. He says the house has bad wiring, and he thinks that situation was only exacerbated by the number of strong storms that moved through Vermilion Parish last week.

The truck driver says on the Go Fund Me page they live check to check. This truck driver is having to start over. Most families in America live check to check.

Who doesn't live check to check? I hope that the Leleux family can piece things together. If you can help, I know they will appreciate it.

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