Living in Louisiana has its challenges, but we love it so much that any minor amount of humidity is not going to stop us from busting out the gumbo pot once the temperature goes below 90 degrees. We love our state, and we want everyone else to love it too!

So, it's always puzzling when people ask questions that we think are completely ridiculous, especially in 2017 when we have the internet. I'll give you a few of my favorites below, but feel free to tell me what dumb questions have come your way, my fellow Louisianians!

  1. Do alligators live in your backyard? The short answer is no, but you can drive a few miles away from just about anywhere in the state to see a few of our reptilian friends. Just ask Troy Landry.
  2. Where can I but those gigantic beads that people wear at Mardi Gras? First of all, the quickest way to spot a tourist is by seeing those obnoxious beads around the neck of somebody who is no doubt on their way to being wildly intoxicated. No actual Louisiana citizen would be caught dead wearing those.
  3. Does everyone in Louisiana speak french? No. And in Acadiana, it's called Cajun French, which is nothing like the proper version that our overseas friends speak, sha.
  4. Why do you suck the heads? This is usually followed with 'Ewwww, gross'. Any respectable Louisiana resident knows that sucking the head of a crawfish that's been boiled to perfection is the most delicious way to enjoy our famed crustaceans.
  5. Why is it called King Cake when it's not a cake? Because it's not. Depending on what part of the state you're in, king cake can either taste like a cinnamon roll, doughnut, or a decadent filled pastry. But never a cake. And the purple, gold, and green sugar or icing is not 'frosting' either.

And here's a bonus question that I seem to get wherever I go - 'What exactly does 'WHO DAT' mean? It means that we have a big bad Super Bowl winning, black and gold wearing, awesome NFL team. Oh, and Who Dat say they gonna beat them Saints?! #geaux

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