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The Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns are hosting their second NCAA Baseball Regional this weekend at M. L. “Tigue” Moore Field.  This is coming on the heels of the Cajuns’ softball team hosting both a Regional and a Super Regional.

Now, many who attended the softball regional will also be attending baseball this weekend.  But, for those of you who don’t, here are a few things to remember:

1.       NO BEER SALES—This could be the most critical of all changes for some fans.  NCAA rules prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages at NCAA sponsored events.  That’ll put a dent into concession intake at the “Tigue” for sure.  And, that also means I won’t get to see fans walk on ground level below the press box that are “double-fisting” with a brew in each hand.  (They say they’re bringing one to a friend or spouse.  I don’t believe it.)

NO POSTGAME LOVE—Normally at the end of the game, parents and fans and media alike all make their way onto the field at the “Tigue” to give some love and get some autographs.  That ain’t happenin’ during the regional.  NCAA rules prohibit anyone from going onto the playing surface before or after games.  And, there will be folks there to make sure it is enforced.  That includes the media.  Tony will be escorted to the interview area after the game and will answer questions there.     

TICKETS FOR THE REGIONAL---No, you won’t wait and get them at the gate before the game, unless you’re going to a game when the Cajuns aren’t playing.  This regional will sell out with the sale of ticket booklets.  Season ticket holders get first dibs…then RCAF members prioritized by the level of giving.  There’s a chance (and we saw this happen in softball) where, not only did the public not have access to tickets, lower level RCAF members didn’t get them either.  If you haven’t ordered your ticket booklets yet, call the ticket office or go to the website at

If you DO get tickets, remember you have a ticket for every game, and that includes games in which the Cajuns are not participating.  If you aren’t going to use those tickets, there are a lot of Mississippi State fans, and perhaps others, who will be happy to take them off your hands.  You can sell them at the park, or really show your Cajun hospitality and give them to someone who really wants to see the game in question.  The University has also announced they’ll be selling general admission tickets for games not involving the Cajuns.  That’s smart…they’re actually selling seats twice because they know not many ticket holders will be there to see Mississippi State take on San Diego State.

3.        FEWER TICKETS WILL BE SOLD THAN THERE WERE DURING THE REGULAR SEASON—According to NCAA Rules, 200 tickets must be made available to participating teams in each game.  That means when the Cajuns play Jackson State, Jackson State will have 200 tickets for their fans to purchase (these usually get gobbled up by families of the teams playing.  Bottom line…every time a game is played there are 400 fewer tickets available.  In addition, something has to be done for the media covering the tournament.  (A really good reason to get that capital campaign done and the improvements made to the “Tigue.”  If you sit in Section F, which is the first section to the first base side adjacent to the press box, you’ll be sitting somewhere else.  A box has already been built to accommodate ESPN and more seats will be removed for overflow working media (some would call working media an oxymoron and in some cases it’s true.)  It won’t be many seats…about 27 total in the top two rows of Section F.  After the working media (these are the guys who are actually writing about the game, as opposed to tweeting and such) is accommodated, the tweeters and free eaters will be seated in the bleachers. Oh, and one more thing...If the Cajuns get to the Supers, they have to put 600 tickets aside for the visitors.  That means there could be some who get tickets for the Regional that won't get them for the Supers, should the Cajuns get there.

4.       PARKING—The Cajun Heartland State Fair is going on.  Great.  Here’s the good news.  Parking on the west side of Cajun Field really shouldn’t be affected much, if at all.  However, remember, with the fair going on, if you enter the wrong gate they will want $10 from you to park.  Ticket holders are being asked to enter through one of the two gates on BERTRAND DRIVE.  Also, Reinhardt Drive will be blocked off from Cajundome Boulevard to the area by the oak tree on the west side of the stadium.

Tt  There could be other differences, too, but these are the main ones.  The thing to remember is, this tournament belongs to the NCAA, not the Cajuns.  The Cajuns are just the hosts...and the NCAA makes the rules.

E   Enjoy the games.