Most of us will never know what it is like to play a game of any kind in front of hundreds of screaming fans. In spite of that fact almost all of us have imagined what that moment would be like if it ever happened. Maybe your moment was supposed to happen on a football field, a baseball diamond or an ice rink. Perhaps you're dream was supposed to materialize on a stage in a spot light or standing in front of a band. We all have dreams and when we see people live out those dreams it inspires us to keep believing that our own fantasies aren't that far from reality.

This video is a Budweiser commercial. If you happen to watch the Super Bowl this weekend you will probably see it. If you have a moment could you watch it now? It will mean a lot more too you if you watch it by yourself than if you're in a room full of friends and family.

The two hockey teams in this video are playing in a recreational league. Most of these guys are playing because they love the game of hockey. They don't play for a large contract and they play before a lot of empty seats, except for tonight. Yes, it is a commercial but again the folks at Budweiser have created a great moment that doesn't ask you to go out and buy beer. They are selling a good time, a time when dreams come true, a time to be shared with some buds.