Chances are very good that you, someone in your family, or someone where you work has had the flu this year. Medical professionals across the state are suggesting that one in ten patients they are seeing on a daily basis is because of the flu or flu-like symptoms.

Dr. Frank Welch with Louisiana's Department of Health and Hospitals puts it this way.

We are almost double the national average and the national average is terrible, so we are really hit hard in Louisiana.

While there are a reported four different strains of influenza floating around the country one, in particular, the H3-N2 strain, appears to be nastier than the rest. Not only is it resistant to treatment but the symptoms associated with this virus are generally worse than the already bad symptoms of the other strains.

What does Dr. Welch suggest? According to the Louisiana Radio Network, he says the symptoms arrive in a fast and furious fashion and that's when you need to take prompt action.

The sudden onset of muscle aches, headaches, eye pain, sore throats and most people have a fever as well. Please separate yourself from other people, go home, and call your doctor.

Dr. Welch and other health care providers encourage you to get a flu shot, even at this late stage of the season. They also suggest an uptick in your personal hygiene habits including more hand washing and the wiping down of communal surfaces at work, home, and school. Of course, the biggie here, if you're sick stay home!

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