Flying Cars! You mean the storied vehicle that we were promised when we were kids in the 1970's is finally here? Well one kind of flying vehicle has arrived but it almost wasn't allowed into the country thanks to the EPA.

The SkyRunner, a kind of dune buggy ultra light aircraft project was almost grounded by what one official called an overzealous and hostile EPA employee at the Shreveport airport. The vehicle, imported from England, was almost confiscated and destroyed when an official with the EPA refused to provide appropriate documentation for the vehicle to be used in this country.

Shreveport business man Stewart Hammel, who wants to star manufacturing the SkyRunner in the United States called upon Senator David Vitter to intervene. Through Vitter's office Hammel was able to obtain the proper documentation to get the vehicle through customs and out of the airport.

Hammel told reporters that after Vitter intervened it was discovered that the EPA actually had no authority to keep the vehicle on  lock down. Vitter's office is investigating the incident and the Senator has even fired off a letter to the director of the EPA asking for a complete explanation.

The SkyRunner's combination of all terrain and in air performance has drawn interest from the United States Military. Although, no specific uses for the vehicle have been discussed publicly.

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