If you watch Dog the Bounty Hunter on Television, you know that son of a gun can find just about anybody. Well if you have an Internet connection and know what website to go to, you too can get the lowdown on just about anybody you are looking for too. So who might be looking for you? A former friend,a former lover, someone who might want to do you harm?

That personal information includes a persons background information on themselves and of their family, how much that person makes, their email address, photos that have been uploaded to the web, their age, hobbies, lifestyle and any videos. It's a scary thought.

How can this be? In this age of information is there no privacy? Well if you'd like to feel a little uneasy and find out how quickly you or most anyone can be located, give a click below.

(via Your personal information on sale via internet : News : ConnectAmarillo.com.)

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