When a building of a certain size gets sold in Lafayette, many will theorize and joke on social media about what that business will become next.

Will it be a Mexican restaurant, a walk-in clinic, a car wash...or a Legends?

The latter is true for one vacant building on the south side of Lafayette. The former Zaxby's restaurant on Verot School has been sold to Legends of Lafayette for just under $1 million, according to records.

According to the Acadiana Advocate, Legends owner Jared Doise bought the property from Georgia-based Wa-Squared Holdings and plans to move the nearby Legends location at 2921 Verot School Road to that location.

That building has sat vacant since Zaxby's closed in 2018.

Legends has been leasing the current Verot School Road location and had planned to eventually buy the building. However, Doise bought the Zaxby's building because it offers better access.

"It's a bit easier getting in and out," Doise told The Acadiana Advocate. "When they divided the road, it made the old location kind of difficult to access because of the J curve. The building has a lot of potential. We're excited about it."

Doise said that demolition work will begin on the building later this month, with plans to add a 15,000 square foot patio on the front.

The goal is for an opening around Mardi Gras 2022.

Although the company is building another location, by basically moving this one location, there are still "only" 10 Legends locations in Acadiana.

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