I would image that once upon a time it stood for something more than it does now. Today the Heisman Memorial Trophy which is allegedly awarded to the most outstanding player in college football is a mere farce of its former self. While the Heisman is prestigious it is more about which player garnered the most headlines for one of the teams with the best record in college football than it is about the most outstanding player in college football.

That being said, we know one deserving athlete who will not be considered among the elite this year. Leonard Fournette of LSU did not receive an invitation to the Heisman hoopla this weekend. There was a time during this season when it seemed as if Fournette had already won the trophy but alas fortunes change from week to week in college football.

In commenting to the Louisiana Radio Network about Fournette and the Heisman LSU Coach Les Miles said,

One of the candidates certainly didn't get an opportunity to play in that game that was in the middle of the night, where lightning robbed him, I would have to say that he had a good night that night.

Miles was referring to the season opener between LSU and McNeese State that was cancelled due to weather.

Fournette certainly did shine against many teams he played against this year. However his performance versus Alabama and Arkansas in front a national audience certainly lowered his stock in the eyes of the national media and Heisman voters. While the national media may have fallen out of love with Leonard, a lot of LSU fans have a lot of respect for the season that he had.

To be the single season LSU record holder for rushing yards, I think that was quite an accomplishment for him, really for anybody.

Coach Miles suggested that for Fournette being left off of the stage in New York this year might serve as a motivator for next year. If I was a defensive player on a team that had LSU on the schedule for next year I would start preparing now.

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