Investigators with the National Weather Service have concluded that a fourth tornado did touchdown in South Louisiana as part of a line of strong storms that rumbled through the area late last Wednesday night into early Thursday (Nov.1) morning.

The fourth tornado, an EF-1 on the Fujita Scale, touched down near Nick Martone Road. While on the ground the storm system damaged two outbuildings before lifting back into the sky.

Weather service investigators have already confirmed two tornado touchdowns in Calcasieu Parish as part of that same storm system. There was also a confirmed report of a tornado that touched down in Beauregard Parish.

The storm system in questions spawned at least 15 tornadoes across the state as it roared across Louisiana Halloween night. Investigators with the National Weather Service say even more tornado touchdowns could be added to the storm total as their investigations across the area and the rest of the state are continuing.

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