Frankie Ballard's "Cigarette" represents who the singer truly is and where he's headed. The song is raw, guitar-driven and daring. Fans can argue if it's his best ever or not, but it's definitely his most honest single of the seven he's released to country radio.

Ballard sings of an insatiable lusting for a girl he spots at a bar. There's no guise of love or romance on "Cigarette," the second single from El Rio. He's looking for something quick, intoxicating and temporary. Every note of producer Marshall Altman's arrangement complements this yearning for a fix. You almost smell the smoke as it escapes her lips.

This lyric is a long ways away from "Driving while kissing they'll put you away" ("Sunshine and Whiskey") and more true to the rebellious hot shot Ballard portrays in public and on stage. Fans of this song will appreciate the rest of what he offers on his newly-released studio album. There's more instant gratification to be found on the bluesy-rock mix of country themes.

Did You Know?: Talk about a powerhouse songwriting trio! "Cigarette" was written by Chris Stapleton, Kip Moore and Jaren Johnston of the Cadillac Three.

Listen to Frankie Ballard, “Cigarette”

Watch: Frankie Ballard Says It Was Time for "Cigarette"

Frankie Ballard, “Cigarette” Lyrics:

“Heart shaped smoke rings dancing off into your lips / Sneaking out the back of your throat and coming out between your fingertips / All I can think about is all I can think about / And I keep thinking 'bout it, thinking 'bout it.”

“I wanna be a cigarette / Smoking on so cool / Or maybe that red wine / You're drinking down so smooth / I wanna be the fire / That's taking you higher / Girl you can leave me and let me burn / I wanna be your cigarette, cigarette.”

“A big bad barfly sliding up beside your hips / Trying to get close to you, just take another drag, take another sip / All I can think about is all I can think about / And I keep thinking 'bout it, thinking 'bout it.”

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