The rise of Internet relationships has given birth to a whole new lingo when it comes to what we old folks would call courting.  You might be familiar with some of the more mainstream terms used in relationships such as friend zone and ghosting. But there is a new relationship term you'll want to know, at least for the Summer.

The term is freckling. It's what those of us of a certain age would have called a Summer love. They even had a song about it in the Broadway musical Grease. So, why is it called freckling?

Well, think about freckles. They usually appear during the warm weather months and disappear when the weather gets colder. It's not so much of a reaction to temperature as it is a reaction to sunlight. Thus the romantic interest who appears in your life when the weather turns warm and then disappears when the cold winds of Autumn begin to blow would be your "freckler".

So just like the tiny kisses of pigment that sometimes dot our skin after it's been teased by the sun so to will our lover disappear when the days grow shorter. Leaving us to lament what might have been or could have been over the long cold days of Winter.

At least we'll have the pictures and if looking at those photos makes you angry you can always play connect the dots with their freckles. It has always made me feel better to do that.

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