You never know who is going to be the next big star when someone performs for us 'Live in the Lobby'. And this time, it turns out that a very famous live television performance was in the future for one of our country music artists.

In 2015, Ashley Clark stopped by on his radio tour to play for us. It was actually not his first appearance at 'Live in the Lobby', because he was here in 2000 with his 5 brothers as 'The Clark Family Experience'. Playing the mandolin as back up with Ashely Clark was Brennin Hunt. You can see them perform below.

Brennin, who just goes by his first name now, made headlines over the weekend when he broke his foot during a dress rehearsal for the live performance of the musical 'Rent' on the FOX network. Part of the show had to be changed, and he explains it all in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Brennin played 'Roger Davis' in the beloved musical, and we are wishing him all the best, health wise AND career wise, in the future!


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