Sounds like Fox wants to get a head start on Channing Tatum’s Gambit movie after making all of us wait for so many years. We learned about a month ago that it has an official, romantic release date around Valentine’s Day 2019, and Fox is just about ready to kick things into gear. Reportedly, production on Gambit will begin in just a few short months.

Omega Underground has learned from an unnamed source that Gambit will start shooting in February and continue into July for a five-month filming period that will mostly stay on location in Remy LeBeau’s hometown of New Orleans. Logan also shot in NOLA, on location and at Big Easy Studios, so we can probably find Gambit there within that February-July window too. Bella Donna is rumored to appear in the movie (perhaps that’s who Lizzy Caplan is playing?), and if she’s French in the film there’s a chance the cast and crew could end up shooting in Paris as well.

All in all, things are finally, suddenly looking up for what once seemed like the most hopeless X-Men movie. Props to Channing Tatum for sticking with it for so long and refusing to give up on his dream project. A few months ago, Tatum mentioned that the script for the movie was undergoing “a bit of a rethink,” which sounded bad out of context, but actually meant that, with Logan and Deadpool shoving the doors to R-rated, edgier superhero movies wide open, the Gambit team was using their newfound creative freedom to retool the story a little bit. With the dream team of Tatum, Caplan, and director Gore Verbinski, this will definitely be a movie to keep tabs on in the coming months.

Gambit is scheduled to hit theaters February 14, 2019.

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