It's not really "pain at the pump" that we are feeling but we certainly aren't feeling as good as we once felt about filling up our cars and trucks with fuel just a few weeks ago. Gas prices are on the rise across the state and across the nation. In fact, you and I are paying about .26 more per gallon for regular gas at this time that we were just one month ago.

The average cost for a gallon of regular gas across the state is about $2.40 a gallon. A check of prices in Lafayette found that you could find fuel for as little as $2.23 for a gallon of regular.

Over the coming weeks, we can expect prices to rise even more. Some of the contributing factors in that forecast price rise include unrest and sanctions in Venezuela and Iran two substantial oil producing nations. Plus production cutbacks by the members of OPEC could send oil prices significantly higher over the coming weeks and months as well.

Another factor that could play a part in rising fuel prices is demand. We are about to enter the summer driving season and that traditionally means a bit of a spike in prices as demand for fuel goes up with the number of vehicles on the roadways.



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