It's a tough choice. Do you want to pay more taxes and have better roads or would you like to keep money in your pocket to pay for the car repairs you're going to need because many of Louisiana's roadways are in deplorable condition?

I don't mind paying a bit extra at the pump. That's me. You might disagree and that's fine. That's why we share dialogues like this. By the way, here's what we appear to be talking about.

The House Ways and Means Committee passed legislation on to the full house that would add a .17 cent per gallon tax on gasoline. The money, allegedly, would be earmarked to repair roads and bridges. In real terms that means you'd pay $2.04 extra on a 12 gallon fill up. Let's assume you fill up twice a month, you're annual extra out of pocket contribution to better roads would be $48.96.

An extra $50 dollars a year to have bridges like the almost ready to fall over I-10 bridge in Lake Charles repaired or replaced. That means an extra $50 bucks per year to have the horrific design on the I-10 bridge over the Mississippi River redone and perhaps redone by actual engineers who understand traffic flow.

Bridges wouldn't be the only infrastructure repaired. There are countless roads and highways that could use a lot more than an asphalt patch and some extra orange cones.

I hate new taxes. But I think this one might really be needed since the state has squandered our money and left us hanging. The drawback, the same people that messed up the money in the first place would be holding these purse strings too.

Hello, Future? I seem to recall hearing something about flying cars. Is that going to be a thing anytime soon?

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