As an adventurous teenage boy I was always trying to get some alone in the dark time with willing teenage girls. Before you cry foul, I was a teenager in the 70's and our idea of "getting busy" wouldn't even ruffle the feathers of Disney censors today.

Any idea I could come up with to get some quality snuggle time and validate that time with pure science was a good one. I tried the biting of Wint-O-Green flavored Lifesavers in the dark. That was supposed to yield a spark you know. Boy did it yield some sparks and a few hickeys too.

Here is another trick you can try. It involves Duct Tape. I must caution you. Asking someone to accompany you into a dark room where you might be using Duct Tape has its own set of risks. Your innocent intentions might be misconstrued as something far more sinister. The experiment is really cool even if you don't get a kiss out of the deal.

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