It was a rough day for a Southern University employee and the two passengers on the golf cart they were driving around while taking a tour of the campus on Monday afternoon.

According to school officials of the Baton Rouge university, the aforementioned Southern employee was driving the two people on the golf cart for a campus tour when it malfunctioned and drove through the windows of the Mayberry Dining Hall.

The accident happened just before 5:00 pm on Monday, August 14.

Two floor-to-ceiling window panes ended up getting smashed. Employees quickly were able to clean up the glass.

Officials said that the two passengers on the golf cart along with one person inside the dining hall were taken to a local hospital for their injuries. However, it is not known how extensive their injuries are as that information has not been released.

Reports said that there was a small pool of blood visible on the concrete outside of the building.

Yesterday was move-in day for freshmen at Southern University.

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