Governor John Bel Edwards took to the airwaves yesterday to speak to us. Well it was a two way conversation since we were able to ask him some questions via his monthly radio broadcast. The broadcast is aired via the Louisiana Radio Network.

As you might imagine one of the hot topics the Governor was asked to explain, taxes. One caller asked specifically about the states decision to change the way if offers and extends tax credits to the film industry. 

I cannot imagine, given our overall fiscal problem, that we would raise that cap from $180 million.

Another listener generated idea had to do with putting an additional tax on gasoline. The caller suggested that money be funneled toward education. That's when the Governor got the chance to explain about the way taxes and government really work. He basically explained that taxes on certain things have to go to certain concerns.

The constitution requires those proceeds to go towards the transportation trust fund. They cannot be spent on things like hospitals and universities and TOPS and K-12 education.

In other words not all taxes are created equally. Most of them are earmarked by the Constitution to fund specific departments and activities. It's not just a big bucket of money that anybody can dip their hands into.

In the wake of the Orlando shootings the Governor offered this comment on gun control. Specifically limiting the ability of those individuals who appear on the Federal Government's "No Fly" list from purchasing firearms.

I think that that’s common sense, and I don’t think there’s anything about the Second Amendment that requires us not to do things that are clearly about common sense and safety for the public.

The Governor's next statewide radio call in program is set to air on July 20th.


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