The Governor's Wife is, or should that be was, a reality show built around the day to day world of former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards and his wife Trina. Edwards in his prime made almost every camera his friend and despite some past indiscretions is still very widely loved and supported in the state. His TV show is not.

According to a story reported by the Louisiana Radio Network the axe may have already fallen on the poorly received show after just three weeks. This past Sunday the show was supposed to air on the A&E Network but in its place was a rerun of a much more popular program based in Louisiana, Duck Dynasty. The network did run The Governor's Wife earlier in the day Sunday but not in the prime time slot for which the show was scheduled.

According to the report, Trina Edwards denies that the show has been cancelled. She has told reporters that they are discussing moves but she is unable to discuss what the details of those moves might be.

The show was widely panned by critics and viewers after the first episode. The fact that the show might be cancelled can only be seen as a good thing for those who care about the reputation of our state.

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