The Grammy awards are supposed to be about music, all music. I think they have become more about a seriously dull television show over the past few years. The announcement that Cajun/Zydeco and several other regional and real American music genres would no longer be recognized by the alleged music industry makes me very angry and hurts my soul. It was bad enough the Grammys didn't see fit to share winners in the Cajun/Zydeco category with a national TV audience before but to now basically say we don't want your kind at our party, for shame.  Our friends at KATC visited with some of our local Grammy winners and got their take on the whole story.It's bad enough that as a music fan I have had to suffer through egg arriving pop divas, countless barely talented rock and rap acts, and one hit lip-sync wonders, but to hit us where we live in breathe, in the music of our home and culture is a shot below the belt. I must admit Chubby Carrier and the always smiling Terrence Simien are taking the news a lot better than I am.