The Internet. It's hard to believe there was once a time when we weren't all connected by invisible waves of data flowing in and out of our lives. Sometimes the Internet is used for not so good things. Sometimes the ability to reach billions of people with a single key stroke can be used for good. Such is the case that is happening right now concerning the flooding in Louisiana.

The crowd source fundraising platform known as GoFundMe have raised more than $6 million dollars in flood relief for Louisiana victims. According to officials with the website there are more than 5-thousand different GoFundMe accounts concerning flood aid that are currently active.

This is the second largest response they’ve seen. Last year we saw $7.4 million raised in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquakes.

That's the observation of GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon. Solomon spoke to the Louisiana Radio Network concerning this incredible outpouring of support for our state.

From a grassroots, people helping people perspective, we’ve never seen quite an outpouring as we’ve seen here for a U.S. natural disaster, so the response has been overwhelming.

Solomon noted that this incredible response has been without the extensive coverage of the national media. He also noted that despite the lack of attention from the talking heads in New York and Washington, many high profile citizens and celebrities have used their status to get the GoFundMe word out about Louisiana.

You think of flooding and what it does, it ruins homes, it makes it impossible for animals shelters to stay open, schools get flooded, so there are a lot of different causes out there where the people are rallying together to help each other.

Louisiana First Lady Donna Edwards is among the many that have helped to set up  GoFundMe pages where people can donate to specifically help Louisiana teachers. These pages will raise money to help educators  recoup lost classroom materials and supplies.

It just goes to show you that when technology is used for good the results can be truly amazing.

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