Last night on the Grammy's, Blake Shelton's new squeeze Gwen Stefani performed a live video for her new song “Make Me Like You.” As you'll see in the video below, while Gwen was skating backwards during the performance, she trips and falls, causing a pileup on the floor. Did she really trip, or was it staged? For that matter, was it even really her or was it a double?

I'm almost 100% certain this was completely planned. Watch the guy all the way to the right. He falls right on cue, but nothing or no one ever touches him. He's watching for his moment and falls when he sees Gwen and the other guy fall.

Further more, I'm not sure that's even Gwen. Something tells me it's a double. Being that this is staged, it's almost certainly not her.

It seems like a strange thing to stage, right? Not when you consider the fact that most of us wouldn't even remember Gwen's live video performance. Not that there was anything wrong with it, it's just not anything we would have a reason to remember or talk about really...unless something were to happen that would make us talk about her falling.


Here's the entire performance. As you'll notice, right before the fall, Gwen goes out of frame. Then, right after the "Fall" she's magically in a different outfit in a different part of the set. There's no way this would be possible without a double.

How gorgeous did she look though?!?