On Halloween night, kids will be trick-or-treating, and between the candy and chaos, they may not remember everyone thing that man and dad tell them.

The Lafayette Police Department has a few reminders for a safety and happy Halloween.

Corporal Bridgette Dugas says one of the big things they like to stress is to make sure that your children are under your supervision or someone you designate to be their guardian.

Police suggest that you always check your child's candy before they eat it, and to only give our or receive prepackaged candy.

When it comes to your child's costume, Dugas says make sure your child can clear see all around them. If your child's mask upstructs their view, take off the mask and use face paint.

You should always make sure that you have some sort of reflective gear on each child's costume so that they can be seen by an passing cars.

If you are travelling during trick-or-treats hours, be sure to be extra cautious while driving through neighborhoods.

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