On November 10, 1985, the Cajundome opened at 444 Cajundome Blvd. in Lafayette, La. In 1985, the building was unlike anything Lafayette had ever seen. The first headliner was Kenny Rogers.

As time took its toll, about 5 years ago, the aging building was closed for an extensive revamping, inside and out.


Remember back in 2016 when the Cajundome closed for renovations? The Cajundome was awarded almost $22 million to tackle issues such as failing seats, antiquated lighting and a light pinkish roof that leaked and was almost completely stained making for a large unattractive site at the corner of Congress St. and Cajundome Blvd. The building was closed from May 2016 to November 2016. A lot was fixed, repaired and replaced during that short period of time.

These are some of the renovations that took place during the Cajundome renovation closure from May to November of 2016.

1. The south lobby concession stands were renovated and upgraded to include equipment to grill and fry. (The Cajundome also expanded the concession menu).

2. The ceiling in the south lobby was elevated from about to 12 feet.

3. The ground-level restrooms were renovated.

4. The first-aid room was moved to the south lobby for greater visibility and access.

5. All ground-level interior doors were replaced.

6. University of Louisiana at Lafayette graphics were installed in the south lobby, upper concourse and lower concourse.

7. Lower seating design was improved, seating was added and all seating replaced.

8. A state-of-the-art lighting system was installed.

9. The arena sound system was upgraded.

10. The roof received a new self-cleaning coating.

and more.

KATC News Report on Future Renovations of Cajundome from 2015

One of the most noticeable improvements to the Cajundome was the surfacing of the roof.

5 Different Color Samples for Cajundome Roof 2014

The First Sample Coating Sprayed on Cajundome Roof 2014

The Cajundome roof was replaced with a self-cleaning coating, similar to that of the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans. The coating is supposed to clean itself of residue, debris and stains during every rainfall.

It's only been 5 years since the giant roof was resurfaced. Look at it today.

Cajundome Roof (View from Across Cajundome Blvd.)

Staff Photo

Cajundome Roof (Closeup View)

Staff Photo

Cajundome Roof (View from Cajundome Blvd. and Congress St.)

Staff Photo

The giant domed roof coating of the Cajundome, doesn't appear to be performing as planned. And on the fifth anniversary of the upgraded renovations and its 36th birthday...shouldn't it look better than this?

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