Full disclosure: I'm terrible at taking tests of any kind.

I've been in college for what feels like 10 years now and I have yet to find the key to acing an exam. There are students with photographic memories who can read information and pass a test without a problem. I am not one of them.

Study Troubles
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Many students have surely taken to the Google machine to find helpful tips on better ways to study to help them improve their test taking abilities. The results were probably something like making notecards or not staying up too late the night before the test.

I have seen all of these tips myself and have given the majority of them a try. There is one that I haven't tried and I'm curious to know if you have.

Listening to music while studying.

These things just can't be made up. According to a recent survey, almost two-thirds of Americans who listen to music while they study seem to have a higher GPA.

So, what are the best genres to listen to when studying?

The survey went on to say that the top 3 most recommended genres are:

  • Classical (31%)
  • R&B (28%)
  • Country (28%)

The survey consisted of about 2,000 Americans. The ones who found a positive correlation between listening to music and studying said that they find the music therapeutic. They also say that it helped them to remember the information a lot better.

Have you ever used music as a way to help you study? Is it beneficial in any way?

In the mean time, I'll be on my phone creating a study playlist!

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