I was doing a little digging on the Internet over the Memorial Day Weekend when I uncovered this jewel of a song. I don't know why I had never heard this before but now that I have heard it I am glad I did.

The song is from the middle 70s and according to the YouTube description it was recorded by the band Bandit. According to the author who posted the video, the band was a regular along the Holly Beach night club circuit. Okay, there were only two clubs back then so it wasn't much of a circuit but it sure sounded like the band and those who went to see them had a good time.

The recording you're hearing here was a re-recording of the original tune. Keith Benton posted the song. From what Keith wrote in the YouTube comments we know the song and its lyrics are well over 40 years old. Keith said he did his best to remember all of the words and then played or sequenced the instruments in his home studio to make the recording.

If you read the comments on YouTube you will see there are a lot of memories tied to Holly Beach and the nightclubs and nightlife that once kept Louisiana's coastline "lit" during the 70s.

Hey, Keith, thanks for posting this. Your song allowed me to share some great memories of a place I'd never been but sure would like to go back in time to visit.


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