Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. After Hurricane Ida hit tens of thousands of people were in need, and members of the Scott Fire Department were among the many who answered the call to help.

Scott Volunteer Fire Department Chief Chad Sonnier says twelve firefighters were sent out to help with the Houma Fire Department.

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When something like that happens, it means the people at home have to work double shifts because it's not like the work stops. Firefighters have become exhausted doing all the work that needs to be done and working double time.

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Chief Sonnier says that's where ULL Head Baseball Coach Matt Deggs came in to help with the situation. Players decided to step up and help on Saturday by doing all of the regular work that needs to get done, and it includes a very long list of chores. By volunteering their time and their strength, the firefighters were able to get a break and some much-needed rest.

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This past Saturday, September 18, UL baseball team members showed at the Scott Fire Department to lend a hand. The following is some of the things they helped out with to lift the burden to the members that stayed in town:

  • Cleaned trucks
  • Cleaned and reloaded hose
  • Cleaned inside station
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Chief Sonnier says the members did this for all five of the five engineers, the ladder truck, and the rescue unit. It was a busy and full day of volunteering for the members of the team.

Twelve of the volunteer firefighters left the day after Hurricane Ida to help with fire support in Houma, and they returned on Friday, September 17. In all, some forty volunteers give of their time to respond to fires in their community.
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Sonnier says, "I am very proud of my men and women. they go above and beyond not only for the people in our area but others in need.

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When it comes to the baseball players giving up a Saturday to help them, he says,

While most college students were watching football games or doing other things on Saturday, these men answered the call and gave a much-needed break to my firefighters. This is they are so successful; selfless service on the baseball field and in the community. That is leadership!
If you weren't already a fan of UL baseball, how can you not be now? Just another example of wonderful things that come out of our hometown university.

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