Many of us spent the weekend watching the tropics to get the very latest on Tropical Storm Debby. Now that the threat from Debby appears to have been shifted well to the east, Mother Nature still wants to create havoc in your day.

The National Weather Service has issued a special weather statement to remind you that temperatures this afternoon will be topping the 100 degree mark. In fact if we hit the forecast high of 101 degrees today that will be a record high temperature for this date in Lafayette. If you include the humidity that means the feels like temperature this afternoon will be at 105 to 110 degrees.

What can you do to beat the heat? Obviously staying inside in the air conditioning is a great solution. If you must be outside make sure you are drinking plenty of water and taking frequent breaks in the shade.  With temperatures this hot the chances of heat exhaustion and heat stroke are rather high. Make sure you know the signs to protect yourself and what to do if someone around you begins to experience these symptoms.

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