If you're on your feet a lot you know how really debilitating heel pain can be. There aren't many things more annoying than that feeling of a shooting pain with every step. For some of us that heel pain is generated because of the way we exercise.

For others our feet are hurting because we are on them for hours at a time.  The solution to that heel pain my have finally been discovered in the one kind of footwear your podiatrist would never recommend. That would be the flip flop sandal. 

One thing I noticed over the years is the first thing people want to put on at the end of the day or the weekend is a flip flop and too often their doctors told them you should never wear a flip flop, so I thought what if we make that the treatment.

Those are the words of Baton Rouge Doctor Meredith Warner who is working with the LSU Business and Technology Center. Dr. Warner told the Louisiana Radio Network about her latest creation, The Healing Sole.

It takes pressure off of the appropriate spots. It relieves stress off of the appropriate areas and it kind of just lets your body do its own thing. The body is going to heal everything anyway, all that we do in this position is kind of help.

Dr. Warner says the design of the shoe actually makes it a treatment device. It incorporates basic treatment principles that doctors would use and puts them in the form of a flip flop.

It’s got a rocker bottom sole, so that is a treatment technique that takes a lot of stress off the foot joints when you’re walking. It’s got sort of a cut out area where the plantar fascia inserts on the inside bottom part of the heel.

Plantar fasciitis is the scourge of the weekend jogger and runner. It's like having a steel spike driven into your heel with every step. If The Healing Sole can help with that, you can bet Dr. Warner will have a huge hit on her hands, or should I say feet.


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