As you might imagine I get to hear a lot music. Most of it is really good. Some of it is not all that. Regardless, I treat each song with a lot of respect because I know somebody somewhere put their heart and soul into writing, recording, and singing it.  So please understand that I mean no disrespect toward anyone with my request today.

I love great songs with great lyrics. The words and the music can literally move people to a different place emotionally. Then there are songs that are just meant to be fun. Since I am about as deep as roadway puddle in downtown Delcambre, I figured I should stick to the fun or dare I say funny songs.

I was chatting with my good friend Earl Pitts over the weekend. He mentioned to me a tiff that he and his lovely bride Ms Pearl had gotten into.  Because Earl is a kind and forgiving man he knew it was up to him to apologize to make things right. So he came up with a song idea to sing to his beloved Pearl.

From what I was able to comprehend through Earl's swollen jaw, the song did not go over very well. I will let Earl tell you the whole story today at 7:45 am and he'll repeat it at 6:45 pm today.  This is not Earl's actual song, this is my interpretation of what maybe Earl was trying to say before he met with his unfortunate injury.

Once you've listened to the clip, you can tell we've got many more verses to write. If you'd like to send me your verses or even record this song on your own send us the audio and or the video and we'll see about making you the next great country star.

And now the next Great Country Song, as inspired by a conversation with Earl Pitts American

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