Mail carriers nationwide will be providing two valuable services on Saturday, May 12: delivering mail and collecting non-perishable food for local food banks. They are asking for our help the Stamp Out Hunger.

The food drive is in its 26th year, and letter carriers have collected more than 1.5-billion pounds of food over the previous 25 to feed the needy in the United States and its territories.

Participation is simple! Leave a bag of non-perishable food items by or under your mailbox (if it's mounted on your house), and the mail person will pick it up when he or she delivers your mail.

Some people may have received the bag promoting the Stamp Out Hunger food drive. However, it's not necessary to use that specific bag. If you didn't get one, you are still asked to help. You can use any bag (paper, plastic, cloth) or box.

Please donate only non-perishable food items for human consumption. Baby food items shouldn't be donated as a single item, only by the case or pallet, because of the risk of contamination and other requirements. While some food banks are equipped to handle pet food, others are not.

Campaign organizers suggest you place your donation next to your mailbox as early on the morning of Saturday, May 12, as possible because letter carriers may need to adjust schedules for the special day.

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