Recently, an amateur wrestler broke both legs in a match and he could really use the internet's support now that everyone has had a good laugh. A GoFundMe has been set up for the man who faces potential double-amputation of his legs.

The internet has a way with running wild when footage of someone getting hurt surfaces. This video in particular of an amateur wrestler suffering a crazy injury was very gruesome, while some on the internet thought it was entertaining.

While a few mean souls on the internet got their laughs out of this really bad situation, the rest of the internet is doing what they can to help this father and soon to be husband recover from his injuries. @TheLiverpoolLip

After visiting the GoFundMe page, which you can see here, I quickly learned that this man is going through quite a tough time recovering from his injuries.

The man who sustained the injuries is named Justin and he has already undergone three surgeries to put rods and pins in his legs. According to the GoFundMe page, physicians are currently at work to determine if amputation of Justin's legs will be necessary.

The page goes on to say, "Justin has been through so much physically in the last few days, on top of a recent custody battle, and losing his father this past Christmas".

A father himself, Justin has lost his own father in the last year and is also planning to marry the love of his life soon.

These injuries are obviously a set back for so many reasons in Justin's life, so I hope the internet can step up and help out this guy who is clearly going through a tough moment in his life.

Once again, if you would lie to contribute to Justin's recovery you can find the GoFundMe HERE.


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