Well, it is official. TLC has cancelled the series 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,' but the reason why is what is catching attention. The network has learned that Mama June is supposedly dating a man who, at one point, was convicted of child molestation.Yes, you read that right.

Mark McDaniel, the man who Mama June is dating, was convicted of child abuse charges for the molestation of one of June's relatives. Mark served 10 years for forcing oral sex on an 8-year-old and was released in March. As many of us would expect, Mama June denies any involvment with Mark McDaniel. However, her troubles lie in a picture taken of the two of them in a hotel at a party.

The TLC network felt that Mama June was putting her children in danger, and they decided that the best decision was to cancel the show. However, they are not completely turning their backs on the family, at least not the children. TLC will continue to support them and has offered financial support for any counseling needed for the children.

There's no doubt that the series was quite entertaining and we never knew what to expect next, but hearts definitely go out to the children if the allegations are true. If you want to read more about the story, visit the TMZ website.

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