If you're looking for another reason to hate telemarketers and robocalls you've come to the right place.

Governor John Bel Edwards recently announced an increase in contact tracing to and testing when it comes to COVID-19 in Louisiana. On Friday Edwards said that an additional 250 contact tracers will be training this week to prepare for a job that will have them conducting interviews and advising people who have tested positive "to determine who in their lives could also be at risk."

Once they receive that information, the tracers then "confidentially" call those who may be at risk of possible infection without actually revealing the name of the person who tested positive.

That's where we run into an issue.

A huge percentage of people have already reacted to this news by saying they don't answer calls from numbers they don't know. Looking at the comments after we posted the news could be a solid indicator of how many are feeling about this.

I'll be the first to say how aggravating robocalls are, and I will also admit that I will almost always let an unknown number go to voicemail before I acknowledge it. Like many of you, I've gotten far too many "insurance" and "warranty" calls to trust ANY unknown numbers.

Let me be clear, I don't think that we should let down our guard and I completely understand the purpose behind the governor's move; I just wonder how effective it will be if we don't participate. Also, for people who do participate, it's important that they are forthcoming and accurate with info as it will almost directly relate to those who need to be tested or should self-quarantine.

The governor described cooperation with tracers as "an extension of being a good neighbor."

We all have an obligation... to do what is reasonable under the circumstances to protect one another. Sometimes people get wrapped around the axle on what they have the right to do. I’m going to ask them what is the right thing to do. The right thing to do is be a good neighbor.

So if you see a random number in the next few weeks, chances are it may be a tracer calling to inform you that you may have possibly come into contact with someone who had the coronavirus. The question is: will you answer?

Let me know your answer and hopefully, we hear good news from the governor soon.

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