Louisiana's 3rd Congressional District hasn't had much in the way of public polling, leaving many residents in the south Louisiana district without many hints as to who has the advantage in the race for Congressman Clay Higgins' seat.

Higgins is still the favorite to win, having bested several candidates in past races without being forced into a runoff. In Louisiana's jungle primary system, all candidates are on the ballot at the same time, and if no one candidate gets more than 50 percent of the vote, the top two candidates head into a runoff.

Back in September, Higgins' leading Republican opponent released a poll showing a possibility that Higgins could be forced into a runoff

Holden Hoggatt, a Republican candidate from Lafayette who made waves by releasing a tough attack ad on Higgins, showcased a poll from the Kitchens Group showing that Higgins was beatable.

Taken at the end of August, the poll showed that in an "initial test ballot, before any information about the candidates was provided to the respondents (likely voters), 49% of voters said they planned to vote for someone other than Clay Higgins. Polling indicates that 28% of the electorate had not yet committed to a specific alternative before information about the candidates was provided."

Credit: Higgins Campaign/Kitchens Group
Credit: Higgins Campaign/Kitchens Group

What The New Poll Shows

The Higgins campaign, in a poll released first to the conservative site, The Hayride, sought to show that the race was nowhere near as close as the Hoggatt campaign claimed.

Instead, it shows Higgins making it back to Washington D.C. without a runoff.

Credit: Clay Higgins Campaign/The Hayride
Credit: Clay Higgins Campaign/The Hayride

This poll was conducted by the Trafalgar Group, which is a Republican-leaning firm but has had some of the more accurate results in recent election cycles.

The results of this poll closely mirror the results from the last midterm cycle, 2018. In that race, Higgins received 55.7 percent of the vote, while his leading Democratic opponent received 17.8 percent. Currently, the two Democrats in the race combined are polling at 17.9 percent.

If those numbers hold true, it appears as though Higgins will once again head back to Washington D.C.

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