As the weather heats up, we'll all be planning trips to water parks and beaches around Louisiana. To make sure we all stay safe, the Louisiana Department of Health Beach Monitoring Program checks bacteria conditions at all of the state beaches. They've just released information warning the public that high levels of bacteria have been found at three Louisiana beaches.

WAFB reports the department tests beach water for fecal coliform and enterococci bacteria. These bacteria are commonly found in sewage pollution, and can cause disease, infections, or rashes.

These bacteria have been found at Rutherford Beach in Cameron Parish, and both Lake Charles North and South Beaches.

From WAFB -

These beaches are not closed, but swimming is not advised while the beaches are under advisories because of the high levels of bacteria.

After big rain or flooding events, agricultural run-off can cause these numbers to rise. The heat of summer can also cause a surge in bacterial counts as the water temperature rises.


The Louisiana Department of Health Beach Monitoringre-tests the beach water every week until October. You can keep up with their weekly test results over at

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