A tradition at our house on Thanksgiving morning is to put on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We usually watch it with the sound turned way down because parade commentators are the worst. They babble on mindlessly spewing out facts and anecdotes about a lot of things no body wants to hear.

Yesterday I did listen a little before becoming completely annoyed with CBS and NBC. The reason I turned up the volume was to find out why the giant balloons were flying so low. It turns out that the balloons and their flight are governed by the wind speed. You wouldn't think the wind would be that big of a deal but when  you consider how big these balloons are you can see why hanging on to Snoopy in a 10mph breeze would be quite a work out.

This is not the first time high winds have caused problems on the parade route. In this video from the 1997 Macy's Parade you can see Barney the Dinosaur is actually ripped apart by the high winds. What comes next is something that every parent in America has secretly wished they could do when their kids weren't looking.