OK, Elvis Presley used to be at the top of the list of dead celebrities who earn big bucks, but for 2013 it's the King of Pop - Michael Jackson. Jackson's estate earned $160 million, three times as much as Elvis, who came in at $55 million this year. Third runner up  - Cartoonist Charles Schultz, of 'Peanuts' fame at $37 million. Wow. Just Wow.

Here are the top 10 for October 2012-October 2013:

1. Michael Jackson $160 2. Elvis Presley: $55 million 3. Charles Schultz: $37 million 4. Elizabeth Taylor: $25 million 5. Bob Marley: $18 million 6. Marilyn Monroe: $15 million 7. John Lennon: $12 million 8. Albert Einstein: $10 million 9. Bettie Page: $10 million 10. Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss): $9 million

The list is compiled by Forbes Magazine every year, and you can read about the other high earning dead celebs in their new issue.

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