Sports are often viewed as a metaphor for life. There are so many lessons that we can learn from playing sports that can be applied to our non-sporting lives, it's no wonder almost all of us have a sport that we follow with a passion.

CBS This Morning via YouTube
CBS This Morning via YouTube

Usually, the worlds of pop culture and sports only intersect at the "superstar" level. But, today we have video proof that one of Hollywood's most memorable moments has made its way to the football fields of some of our smaller campuses.

If I were to ask you if you remembered anything, anything at all, from the most recent Academy Awards telecast you'd probably have the same memory as me. That Lady Gaga and Liza Minelli moment really made me cry too. What? There was another incident that happened at the Oscars?

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Of course, the Will Smith slap of Chris Rock. I still think the whole thing was made up and overblown. They only came up with a "punishment" for Smith because of public outrage. But the effect of that episode on Smith and Rock is not why we are here. We are here to connect the dots between the Academy Awards and football.

Let's swing down to Coach Prime's place. yeah, we are going to Jackson State for a little defensive line practice. Y'all listen up! The coach is about to demonstrate a new technique for rushing the quarterback.  Oh, and this is football practice so there are a few NSFW words that you might hear. You've been warned.

Yeah, he called it the Will Smith technique and that's just good coaching if you ask me. Every one of his players knew exactly what that coach wanted and they delivered. Why? They understood what was asked of them. They know how to "Will Smith".

Now, if only the teams Jackson State will play could learn the "Chris Rock" then Coach Prime, Deion Sanders would be on his way to a national championship. Look, football is a violent sport and apparently so are award shows. We need to make sure our young men are ready just in case the opposing team says something mean about Will Smith's wife.

If you think that's funny, well give these a gander and don't go Will Smithing anybody without their permission. Unless they put your wife's name in their mouth.

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