Living in Louisiana is awesome, and we can understand why people come from all over the world to enjoy our hospitality. But if you're not actually from here, sometimes it's hard to understand some basic things that we Louisianians know to be true. Ever try to explain why you want to suck the head of a crawfish to a Yankee? You get the message. Only in Louisiana has some hilarious things that only people from Louisiana understand, and I wanted to share some of my own favorites with you too. Enjoy, sha!

  • You know somebody called T Boy or Bubba, and you call everyone 'Sha'/ Cher'
  • You stop washing your car until after love bug season is over, because it's a losing battle. Or maybe you suck it up and pay for the 'Love Bug' special at your local car wash
  • You know the quickest way to board up your house, and you've done it more than once, because hurricane season is no joke here
  • You have no problem eating gumbo in July, or anytime, for that matter!
  • You're shocked when you're in another state, and they stop you from leaving a bar with a drink in your hand. And they have no clue what a 'Go Cup' is.
  • Nobody calls them shopping carts. Those 'buggies' are the same ones you rode in at the store when you were a kid
  • We wear shorts and flip flops all year long
  • If you happen to be out of state, especially in the north, people think you are being 'too polite'. And yes, we say hi to everybody in the grocery store, every day, every time
  • Cajun food is not cooked with tomatoes. Especially gumbo. Ever.
  • Everyone knows you can buy a Hand Grenade in the French Quarter. At every bar. And they will make you drunker than Cooter Brown, sha!
  • We will throw a party, festival, or parade for anything. Yes, anything
  • From January through March everything we wear is purple, green, and gold
  • Having a plastic baby inside a piece of cake doesn't bother us at all

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