Yesterday I sat in the gymnasium of my daughters school and sweated my way through an end of the year celebration. I was very proud of all of the kids for how hard they worked during the school year. I think they earned a treat and as luck would have it, I think I earned a treat too.

Homemade ice cream is one of my favorite flavors of my childhood. We had the old fashioned hand crank ice cream freezer at our house. I like the hand crank better than the electric models you can purchase today. I think the reason the hand cranked method was my favorite is because hand cranking takes time. That time was always used to tell stories and visit with friends and family while the liquid in the barrel was becoming a creamy solid.

My favorite home made ice cream was always vanilla. The reason I like vanilla is because you can add so many toppings to your cone or bowl. Psychologist say that people who like vanilla ice cream are the most dangerous. You'd think we'd be the most predictable but instead we are the ones most likely to go off in a different direction. We also make the best lovers too. I don't have any science to back that last statement up but it made me feel good to write it. Just like a bowl of homemade vanilla ice cream does.