The pundits who follow NASCAR were calling last weeks race at the Monster Mile in Dover Delaware, "Separation Sunday". Those same pundits were calling the race at Talladega "Bring 'em Back Together Sunday". The 2.66 mile high banked speedway at Talledega is famous for two things, high speed and big wrecks.

Sunday race fans got to see both in an exciting last lap shoot out, melee, demolition derby. A few years ago NASCAR instituted a "green-white-checker" rule to insure that fans got the best chance to see the finish of a race under racing conditions. The system works pretty well, except at Talladega where restarts are the leading cause of big wrecks.

As you can see in the video when you have that many cars going that fast that close together bad things happen. Fortunately there were no serious injuries reported in the crash but it did not shake up the Sprint Cup standings. Brad Keselowski has padded his lead over second place Jimmy Johnson and now leads by 14. Denny Hamlin is in third place in the championship standings 23 markers behind.

Matt Kenseth won the race, Jeff Gordon was second and Kyle Busch ran third. Tony Stewart took blame for the crash saying he "just screwed up" when he cut across the nose of Michael Waltrip's car. Stewarts back bumper hooked the front of Waltrip's car and that's when the party started. 24 cars were involved in the crash that happened on the final lap of Good Sam Road Side Assistance 500.