Whether we meant to do it or not many of us in South Louisiana have concealed weapons in the cupboards and pantries of our homes. We don't think them as concealed weapons. We think of them as condiments but I guess if you're desperate enough or brave enough anything can become a weapon.

Such was the case in Valley Alabama. Valley is a small community near the Alabama-Georgia line and it was the scene of a rather bizarre holdup on Sunday. Police say a man approached a cashier at a convenience store wanting to purchase some candy.

When the 73-year-old clerk opened the cash drawer the suspect threw an orange unidentified liquid into the clerk's face. While the clerk was incapacitated by the burning liquid the thief reached into the cash drawer and stole some money.

Police arrested LaFayette Alabama resident Michael Brisky in connection with the case. Briskey is now facing a first degree armed robbery charge and a fourth-degree theft of property charge.

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